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              Winter Butoh School

JINEN Butoh 3 months school
with Atsushi Takenouchi
 ( 2021 January - March )
Monthly Weekend course
2021 Jan 4-5-6(Mon-Wed)
* note; January will be on Mon,Tue,Wed for 3days as beginning of the year.

  Feb 6-7(Sat Sun)
 Mar 6-7 (Sat Sun)

-English TEXT IS BELOW  -

  Laboratorio di danza Butoh
un week-end al mese 
-Spazio NU /Pontedera/Italia
da gennaio a marzo 2021
(Spazio NU /Pontedera/Italia)

 photo by Tomohisa Saito.

Nel moto circolare della vita, vediamo luci ed ombre, le stagioni che si trasformano, la morte e la vita. Abbracciamo entrambe queste parti. Attraverso la danza, i confini che separano interno ed esterno del nostro corpo si dissolvono. Poi cominciamo a sentire che tutta la natura è il nostro corpo, e nello stesso tempo che il nostro corpo è una parte dell'universo. Con questa consapevolezza, siamo in grado di trasformarci in vari animali, piante e altre forme di vita. O siamo in grado di trasformarci in stati fondamentali della materia (solido, liquido, gas e plasma). Collegare la nostra memoria profonda con tutti questi elementi, collegandoci alla memoria della terra. Abbracciare tutte le tue diverse emozioni attraverso il Butoh. E trovare il modo di stare in piedi e ballare, come la verità della tua vita, che non è nascosta dietro a nulla. Questo è il tuo vero fiore, il tuo vero Butoh.
                                                                                                                                           Atsushi Takenouchi


JINEN Butoh 3 months school
with Atsushi Takenouchi
 (2021 January - March)
Monthly Weekend course
2021 Jan 4-5-6(Mon-Wed)
* note; January will be on Mon,Tue,Wed for 3days as beginning of the year.
  Feb 6-7(Sat Sun)
 Mar 6-7 (Sat Sun)

at Spazio NU / Pontedera / Italia

Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi , Accompanied by live music: Hiroko Komiya

Final event : solo Butoh presentation of the participants

 photo by Tomohisa Saito.

In the life circulation, we see lights and shadows, transforming seasons, death and life. We embrace this both sides. Through dance, the borders separating between inside and outside of our body will fade away. Then we start feeling that all nature is our body, and same time our body is a part of the universe. With this consciousness, we are able to transform into various animal and green plants and life. Or we are able to transform into the fundamental states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). Link our deep memory with all these elements, link to the memory of the earth. Embrace your all different emotion through Butoh. And find way to stand and dance, as the truth of your life, which is not hidden anything behind. This is your real flower, your real Butoh.
Atsushi Takenouchi

-Every month 1 weekend ( Priority is 3 month full monthly participants. But it is also possible to join just 1 month or 2 months.)
-This course will be hold together with monthly 10days Butoh course participants.
-Final month : solo Butoh creation and presentation of all participants

 photo by Pagratis Pagratidis                                                                     photo by studio VALOS                                                                    photo by Yayoi Ogata                                         

Hour; Saturday (14:30-20:30), Sunday (9:30-18:00)   * Jan 4th Mon ( 14:30-20:30), 5th Tues (9:30-18:00), 6th Wed (9:30-18:00)
course language : English  ( there is Italian translator )
meeting appointment : Please arrive at Spazio NU by 13pm on first day. Previous day accommodation is also available, Please contact us in advance.       

course at : Spazio NU - DANCE & MOVEMENT

Requirement : This Butoh course is for dancers, actors, performers, person who makes training physical  expression.
 Desirable to have Butoh workshop experience.

Reservation / Registration :
1 / Please ask by email to butoh.spazionu@gmail.com to get practical info and register form.
2 / Make entire payment by bank transfer and email us payment receipt.  (For price, please see practical information. )
3 / Fill in the register form (2pages) , send back to butoh.spazionu@gmail.com  After 1.2.3 steps, your registration is done.
*Registration and payment should be done at least one week before each workshop.
*The priority is whole 3 month course register. But please contact also for 2 or 1 month register.


“ Dance is devotion of life” I learned this while my travelling nature fields called JINEN. This has never changed since old times and will never change. This means I should dance to “my life”, to the moment, and to now which lasts forever. 
  I’ve got my body from the earth. I’ve got my life from the sun and the moon, my parents, my friends and my love. Then I’ll return the gifts to these universe. I’ll return them to others through dancing body and soul. As I see a tiny flower selflessly, I meet a dance filled with a joy of “ life”.  And then, my body is filled up with water of “ life”. The seeds of memory inside of myself come into bud.
 The sound of winds is the whispering of the earth. The sound of minerals is the muttering of machines. We hear the sounds of the universe through explosion and noise and stillness.
 Oh, thousands of sounds, take our souls far away to our unknown world. Travel with reminding us of forgotten dances. On the sun and the moon, there are young men singing eternal songs at every place in the world. Let’s begin an ancient and modern fete at “ relics of life” holding artificial and nature-on earth.

    Atsushi Takenouchi


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address : via Firenze  42/A – 56025 Pontedera (PI) Italy

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