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     (70 minutes)

Premiere 2002 The 3rd Paris Butoh Festival
( Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree, Paris )

The performance "TENMON" composed of two elements. One is the dance itself as a momentary art which appears and vanishes in a twinkling. The other is the transition of dance which has been made through the years while one dancer performed it repeatedly.
TENMON means dripping water (TEN) and expanding shape of an arc (MON) on the water. Just like a movement of dance, it exists only for a moment. TENMON also means one drop (TEN) of ink on a piece of paper and various figures(MON) spreading from it. As the time passes, the figures grow more and more. It is a trace of transition, trace of movement, trace of dance.
 In "TENMON" performances, the right and left side of the stage show contrast like men and women, or sun and moon. The center of the stage is held as a space for life and death.

Choreograph, Butoh : Atsushi Takenouchi
Music: Kensuke Mela (CD music), Hiroko Komiya(bells, percussion, xaphoon and voice)
Lighting plan : Yukari Takamura, Margaret OLLIVEAUX
Art: Two ponds on the side of the stage as Yin and Yan. And Japanese paper is hung over the pond.



PHOTO by Eolecki (1,2,4,5,7), Emmanuel Sandorfi (3), Amzallag (6)




































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