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"STONE"  (70 minutes)
Premiere 1999 Korea and Japan Dance Festival (Theater ZERO, Seoul)


- I am a stone, just a fragment of the cosmos.-
This performance is developed from Atsushi Takenouchi's experience through dance and performance in natural setting of mountains, seas, fields and forests across the countryside for three and a half years. A stone is formed a long time ago, it is born from the earth, and a stone holds plant's seeds and the small creatures and the carcass of the animals. Taking root, a tree grows up into a big tall tree with the sunshine and the nourishment from the earth. Just a single small stone can provide a proof that shows links between everything in this world. Atsushi dances the past, and the future of this small stone's life.

Choreograph, Butoh : Atsushi Takenouchi
Music : Hiroko Komiya ( water, stone, bells, bamboo, etc ) 
Costume : Naomi Nishino
Art: Dancing with a local stone is important concept in this performance. Local stone is arranged on the stage centre.





  (8min, 7.5M)






PHOTOby Andrzej Zgit
























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