"JINEN"     (60-70 minutes)

This performance is an improvisational dance. And it is based on Atsushi Takenouchi's impressions of the moment, formulated from the people around him, the space, the air, the climate and energetic mood of the surroundings and spirit of the moment.
Having had dancing tour in the various nature stage in Japan (1996-1999) in order to face to the origin of it, he had encountered very native Japan which was ancient but still alive, being hidden in the each lands, climates, peoples, music, customs, languages and the other localities. It probably is the source of a myriad of gods. He has absorbed it directly during this travel of more than 3 years. And now his stages have been expanded to the world with no bound endlessly.@
He feels that dancing in harmony with nature has brought back the memories, which were sleeping, in his DNA. He uses the memories of once being a tree, grass, animal, wind, soil, fire or water in his dance. He also dances on the stages of theaters and halls, feeling the life of the earth and harmonizing with the air and the environment.
"The body is a container for one soul, which cannot be changed by anything." Dancing with those bodies is a common culture for all human beings. Performing this primitive dance in the space of nature where people have gathered together since ancient time, where music and dance were born from prayer, is an important ceremony which traces where we came from and where we are going..

Butoh improvisation : Atsushi Takenouchi
Music : live music , collaboration with musician, or no sound, or with just natural sound from the space.


PHOTO by Yayoi Ogata (1,3,4)
Koji Fukunaga(2)





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