Photo by Koji Fukunaga, Poster design by Katsuyuki Tanaka



"ITTEKI"-one drop-     ( 60 minutes)
Premiere 1995 The 2nd Osaka Dance Experience ( Osaka Torii Hall, Osaka )

In our days, if this country Japan were a puddle, I myself might be a single drop of water falling into it. Ripples appear, interfere each other, create various forms, and disappear to the infinite.
In my lifetime, I feel I have encountered four impressive drops of water; a child, a woman, a man, and an old person. Four people, or just a single one ? Or a mysterious image that might embody them all ?
Those four drops are what I am seeking for in my dance.
As a drop holding day and night inside me, I would like to fall into this puddle.

Choreograph, Butoh: Atsushi Takenouchi
Music : Eso ( in premiere performance in 1995),
Hiroko Komiya ( bells, stone, percussion, and voice )
Light planning: Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Costume: Naomi Nishino
Water tray: Koichi Itoi premiere performance1995 j
Poster photography : Koji Fukunaga
Poster graphic design: Katsuyuki Tanaka
Art: One water pond in the center. The drop of water will be dripping onto small pond during performance.




PHOTO by Hariko Ubukata























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