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"GEKKAI" (Moon Sea)     

Premiere 2003 The 4th Paris Butoh Festival
(Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree, Paris )

Moon and women had a same origin in the past. With moon, women breathed, made ceremony with singing, gave birth all the life of the earth. The mother earth created mountains, trees, animals and men.
The time has changed cruelly. The power of domination confined women, and all the life. Waiting for the last moment of life, women get insanity. Insanity in prison, insanity of mother with lost baby, insanity of women with lost life, insanity of despondency and despair with lost love, lost humanity, lost creation.
The insanity of women is a cry and blood of the earth. In the shadow of the moon light, insane women purify with silence.

Choreograph, Butoh : Atsushi Takenouchi
Music : Hiroko Komiya ( percussions, voice )
Lighting plan : Margaret OLLIVEAUX
Art : One feather will be hung from the ceiling.. Moon appears in the dark.


Photo by Bielecki (3,4)
Emmanuel Sandorfi (5,6)

Photo by Jacques Sadoun



Photo by Andrzej Janikowski













Photo by Andrzej Janikowski






Photo by Andrzej Janikowski


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