"Emotion Seed"  (60minutes)
Premiere : 2004 The 5th Paris Butoh Festival
(Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree, Paris )

The Emotion moves the physical body from deep within. Like a seed, the beginning of an emotion exists long before its maturing; its expression. It grows in the dark infinitely, and nurtures itself from the source of human memory. Considered insignificant in todayfs society, the body can only truly be swayed when the emotion is honestly spontaneous. If not, it merely explodes and further gives rise to chaos.

Choreography & Dance: Atsushi Takenouchi
Music: Hiroko Komiya (percussion, voice) / Jean C. Dussin (guitar, vocal)
Lighting: local lighting staff (one person)
Sound: local sound staff (one person)
Art: Art installation with seed, natural material on the floor and from the ceiling.
Art design by Ludovic de Valon.



PHOTO by Emmanuel Sandorfi



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