"Breathing Heritage"     ( 65 minutes)

Premiere 2000 Ambassade du Japon ( Paris )

Atsushi Takenouchi thinks human body has long history inside. It is not only your own history but all human nature's one from millions years ago. In the blood of all of us, we have immense memory and data and information which has been inherited from ancient times. If we are supposed to regard a treasure which are left by ancestor as heritage, our body itself should be called heritage. And it is alive, it breathes. We are "Breathing Heritage". In this body, we have memory that we had started communication using body and sounds each other first time.
With this consciousness, we can make performance with using this primitive communication of body and sound.

Choreograph : Atsushi Takenouchi, Iku Otani
Dancer : Atsushi Takenouchi, Keiji Shimizu, Aya, Keiko Wakamoto, Yum, Kazunori Tokida,
Director, Light & Sound design : Iku Otani
Music :@Hikitama ( Kora - African harp - , Kalimba, Percussion, Voice)
Kensuke Mela ( Djambe, Percussion )
Hiroko Komiya ( water, stone, bells, bamboo, shell, voice )
Costume : Naomi Nishino


PHOTO by Yayoi Ogata



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